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April Issue 2010

Vista Studios in Columbia, SC, Offers Works by Nikolai Oskolkov and Dre & Sammy Lopez

Vista Studios in Columbia, SC, will present the exhibit, Dixie Commissar/PIENSA Art and Music Show, on view in Gallery 80808 from Apr. 7 -12, 2010.

Come down to Gallery 80808 Vista Studios in the Columbia Vista for a duo presentation of fine art and musical performance by artist/musician Nikolai Oskolkov and artist/illustrators Dre and Sammy Lopez of the PIENSA: Art Company. The exhibit is a collaborative effort to present a wide range of independent and commission artwork.

Optimistic and colorful social commentary and genre scenes feature as one with stunningly expressive comic illustrations and graphic design, decorated by live traditional music.

Nikolai Oskolkov

Oskolkov, the self-proclaimed "Dixie Commissar", brings art and music "For the People of the American South" in a third annual spring show at Vista Studios. From monumental oil paintings to small drawings and watercolors, he exaggerates his views on folk life, nature, and symbolism, echoing his experiences with Blues and Rock n' Roll piano and Bluegrass music on the Russian three-string balalaika.

Sammy Lopez
Dre Lopez

Brothers Dre and Sammy Lopez present bright new fine art together with nationally acclaimed illustrations and graphic design for books, magazines, and CD covers. After a series of successful regional multimedia art shows and release parties, the PIENSA: Art Company show their ability to make art shows interactive social events with folk art of a modern urban flavor.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 803/252-6143 to visit (www.gallery80808vistastudios.com/index.shtml).

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