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April 2011

Elder Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Features Works by Carl Plansky

Elder Gallery in Charlotte, NC, will present the exhibit, Carl Plansky, Spring Arrival, featuring the textural and vibrantly colored paintings by the late Abstract Expressionist, Carl Plansky, on view from Apr. 1 - 30, 2011. A reception will be held on Apr. 1, from 6-8pm.

Plansky was able to add beauty and excitement to mundane subject matter as his show at Elder Gallery clearly demonstrates.

New York art critic and writer, Lance Esplund, wrote a number of reviews of Planksy’s flower bouquet paintings and composed the following: “Expressive full-frontal assaults, Carl Plansky’s paintings of flower bouquets threaten to leap from the canvas and strangle the viewer. To see his paintings is to be immersed in a colorful garden, as well as a pit of writhing snakes. For Mr. Plansky, who wrestles every form into being, a rose is a leaping flame or a serpent on Medusa’s head - but, a realist at heart, his rose is, ultimately, still a rose.” Taken from the Wall Street Journal, Apr. 11, 2009.

Works on paper as well as oils on canvas from the artist’s collection will be on display. “Carl’s work is inspiring and unique” says Larry Elder. “This is our first show since his death to exclusively feature his trademark flower bouquets and landscapes. We felt it appropriate to choose the Spring season for our exhibition since these paintings reflect Carl’s optimism and his belief in the renewal of nature as well as the human spirit.”

Brice Brown, artist, writer and art critic said of Plansky’s work “For Plansky, the triumvirate of the traditional motifs of still life, landscape, and human figure has been a lucrative source of inspiration. When he uncomfortably overextends a rose’s stem - stretching it out to its maximum reach and then flash-freezing it in space so it hovers, jittering like an agitated cartoon - Plansky is not simply taking compositional license. He is exposing the animated life of things. Each petal, leaf, stem and vase has its own distinct personality and identity, hinting at the interconnectivity of all living (and non-living) objects.”

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