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April 2011

The Other Half in Winston Salem, NC, Offers Works by Maurice Hamburger

The Other Half in Winston Salem, NC, is presenting an exhibit featuring works by Maurice Hamburger, on view through July 31, 2011.

The exhibit will feature blacksmithing in the miniature by this Phoenix, AZ, blacksmith.

Hamburger offered to following statement: “I grew up a farm kid in western Oklahoma. We would take the plow shear to the blacksmith shop to be sharpened. I thought to myself, something is going on here.”

“Over the years, I collected a few tools, and was always interested, but never really did anything.”

“In 1997, I moved to Arizona. I was at the Early American village, the blacksmith told me about the Blacksmith Club. I took some beginner classes, set up a small shop at my house.”

“I worked for Honeywell, large computer system until 1990, when I was layed off,” adds Hamburger. “Jobs were few at the time, so I worked for several local blacksmiths for approximately a year. I rented some space from one of these smiths and started my own business. Some of the smiths I worked with had a very strong influence on how I do my work. It is very good, nice, maybe even a blessing to work around and with people who do very good, excellent work.”

“I like clean simple designs, using the joinery as the decorative element in the piece. Mechanical fasteners, screws, bolts, rivets, tenons, staples are used whenever possible. I try not to weld any more than I have to. All the work has a water based wax as finish. The pieces are for interior use only.”

“So, I have been a full time smith since 1991 to present. Being self employed can be tough, mentally, financially and sometimes just hard work. Hopefully my work has brought some enjoyment, pleasure to people who have seen it and purchased it.”

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