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April 2013

Cherokee Alliance of Visual Artists in Gaffney, SC, Features Print Collection from Limestone College

The Cherokee Alliance of Visual Artists in Gaffney, SC, is presenting an exhibit of fine art prints from the Limestone College Print Collection on view through Apr. 20, 2013.

The exhibition showcases approximately 45 prints from the Limestone College Print Collection. These prints were produced from 1967 – 2012 by students in Limestone’s printmaking classes.

In 1967 Professor Andy Cox taught printmaking at Limestone and started keeping at least one print from each student’s editions. That tradition continued with later printmaking instructors. The collection today consists of several hundred works. About a dozen prints will simultaneously be on view at Limestone College, in Gaffney, in Dixie Hall’s third and fourth floor lobbies.

The Limestone prints are predominately woodblock relief prints. However, a few silkscreen prints, drypoints, collage prints, and monoprints will be included. According to Sara Setzer, several prints in the show will be by students who still live in or near Gaffney. Setzer taught at Limestone and made the selections for the exhibit and for the prints in Dixie Hall. Setzer said that the show will highlight the quality of artwork produced in Limestone’s Art Department. She also stated that the show should be a walk down memory lane for Limestone’s graduates and their parents.

Doug Palmer’s print, Formal Parlors, is an abstract representation of the formal parlors in Limestone College’s Curtis Administration Building. A large black and white image, his woodcut is a good example of the bold dark and light contrast typical of modern day woodblock prints. A Gaffney native, Palmer still lives and works in Gaffney.

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the gallery at 864/489-9119 or e-mail at (cavagallery@yahoo.com).

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