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April 2013

Earthworks Pottery Studios in Greensboro, NC, Offers Pottery Festival - Apr. 6, 2013

Earthworks Pottery Studios in Greensboro, NC, will present Potters of the Piedmont, the first annual pottery festival, on Apr. 6, 2013, from 10am-4pm.

Join ten very accomplished local commercial pottery artists including: Jim Rientjes, Molly Lithgo, Leanne Pizio, Patricia Schurr, Kelly Willard, Janet Gaddy, Tim Moran, Brett McDonough, Lorrie Anderson, and Po-Wen Liu, for this first every festival. There will be a huge selection of local pottery, including functional, decorative, and the unusual, handmade by ten local master potters. There will be food and refreshments available, and the event is open and free to the public!

Jim Rientjes of Earthworks Pottery Studios has hand-built earthenware pottery for everyday use.

Molly Lithgo, also of Earthworks Pottery Studios, will have wheel-thrown earthenware with free-hand carving, hand painted glazes, and sgraffito.

Leanne Pizio, an Oak Ridge potter and painter, creates handmade art about life, animals, birds kings and queens, fairy tales and the like.

Mother and daughter team, Patricia Schurr and Kelly Willard of Burned Earth Pottery say, “We enjoy the freedom to explore, technically and creatively, the process of making each individual piece of pottery – both the functional and the visual.”

Janet Gaddy is a Ceramics Art Professor at Greensboro College. She creates sculptural folk art and functional pottery.

Tim Moran specializes in wheel-thrown porcelain with crystalline glazes.

Brett McDonough, of Wild Rumpus Ceramic Arts, makes decorative, sculptural and functional ceramics reminiscent of cartoons and children’s book illustration. He is a pottery instructor at Art Alliance in Greensboro.

Lorrie Anderson of Moose Hollow Studios says, “I create unique stoneware pieces inspired by traditional pottery and my home in the hollow.”

Also featured from Natural Green Pottery is Po-Wen Liu. Liu is from Taiwan and studied ceramics engineering. He has his BFA and MFA in Ceramics. He currently teaches hand building and wheel throwing techniques at UNCG, and he makes beautiful functional pieces for sale to the public.

Come and enjoy the opportunity to meet some of the most accomplished local ceramics artists in one comfortable location. You can visit ten studios at one time and see some of the most outstanding pottery in the region. Food and Refreshments will be available and credit cards are welcome. Celebrate “Made in America” with the Potters of the Piedmont, first annual pottery festival.

Earthworks Pottery Studios is located at 636 South Cedar Street in downtown Greensboro. A rain date will take place on Sunday, Apr. 7, from 10am until 4pm.

For further information or questions call Jim Rientjes at 336/662-2357.

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