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April 2013

ENO Gallery in Hillsborough, NC, Offers Works by Michael Brown

ENO Gallery in Hillsborough, NC, is presenting Up Close and Far Away, featuring works by Michael Brown, on view through Apr. 21, 2013.

Up close and far away are two, or perhaps more accurately, a spectrum of modes in which we can look at things. We choose which mode to look at something based on its distance from us, on the level of detail we need...

Working directly from nature, Brown captures both the up close abstractions of a landscape and the far away vistas of a distant view. His ‘broken color’ brush technique lends his paintings a sense of spontaneity. Yet, this seemingly loose brushwork reveals a carefully constructed composition that invites the viewer to share the artists’ experience...

Brown states, “It’s no surprise that painters still turn to the natural world to explore their visual understanding and express their artistry. There is no richer interplay of shape and color than that found in nature.”

From the viewers perspective there is another meaning behind the title Up Close and Far Away. Helen Stancey, a psychologist from West London College states “Evidence exists that separate pathways in the brain process visual information from near and far space,” Viewing one of Browns paintings ‘up close’ they appear as bold abstractions but as the viewer gains some distance the landscape image is revealed.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 919/833-1415 or visit (http://www.enogallery.net/).

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