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April 2013

Charlotte, NC’s First Latin American Contemporary Art Gallery Opens

The Latin American Contemporary Art Projects (LaCa) has opened Charlotte’s first gallery devoted entirely to Latin American contemporary art with the exhibit, poetics of erratic materialism, featuring contemporary works by Juan Dolhare, on view through Apr. 18, 2013.

The show presents compositions from two series of works that speak to the audience as observers. Dolhare, whose works are in private collections in Argentina, Spain, Nigeria, Scotland, and the US, believes in artistic practices as a collective action and common project, using a process he defines as sacred pop surrealist. The theme of this show, which includes 15 large-scale canvases, represents Dolhare’s work in static images, and his vision of transforming “everyday objects” to magical, therefore creating a sacred, massive object of desire.

“This is the first gallery in the broader region exclusively showing Latin American contemporary art. In addition to filling an important gap in the Southeastern marketplace, we are also playing an important role in the cultural fabric of our community by promoting emerging and mid-career Latin American artists and the unique culture which they represent,” says Neely Verano, director of LaCa Projects. “Given the dramatic increase in Latin Americans residing and working in our region and the growing influence of the Latin American community at a national level, we feel this project is timely and important to build a more connected and educated community that embraces our region’s rich diversity.”

LaCa Projects, located in the heart of the revitalized FreeMoreWest neighborhood, at 1429 Bryant Street, is a platform dedicated to the presentation, development, and promotion of Latin American art and culture within the United States. The gallery encourages cross-cultural dialogue by representing a small group of influential and thought-provoking contemporary, emerging and mid-career artists, as well as exhibiting a broader range of work by established and Master Latin American artists. The gallery, which has expertise in a number of different art media with a significant focus on paintings, will also be part of a larger planned expansion that includes open artist studios and a dining concept.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listing, contact Neely Verano by e-mail at (neely@lacaprojects.com) or call 704/609-8487.

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