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April 2013

SECCA in Winston-Salem, NC, Offers New Exhibits Focused on Strong Color

The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA) in Winston-Salem, NC, is presenting three shows that highlight the force and attraction of color in different mediums - video, paint and computer generated images including: Afterlife: Jacco Olivier & Jennifer West, on view through May 26, 2013, and organized by SECCA, curated by Steven Matijcio; Andreas Nicolas Fischer: Reflections, on view through May 26, 2013, in partnership with the Winston-Salem Symphony, organized by SECCA and curated by Steven Matijcio and Robert Moody; and Tomory Dodge & Denyse Thomasos: Directions to a Dirty Place, on view through Sept. 1, organized by SECCA and curated by Steven Matijcio.

In the exhibit, Afterlife: Jacco Olivier & Jennifer West, the fluidity of paint can stay in perpetual motion through film and video – extending both the process and presence of the artist, even as their composition becomes unmoored. In this exhibition a painter who stitches photos of unfinished canvases into dream-like animations meets a filmmaker who physically assaults her medium in painterly acts of performance and alchemy. At the intersection, Amsterdam-based Jacco Olivier and Los Angeles-based Jennifer West detach the mark of the artist from its expected physical location -- a canvas or a strip of celluloid film -- allowing the imprints of events, experiences, and their very actions/materials to float in a liquid state of limbo.

In this special collaborative venture, Andreas Nicolas Fischer: Reflections, between SECCA, the Winston-Salem Symphony and young German artist Andreas Nicolas Fischer, sound becomes a malleable material to re-imagine in multiple forms. At SECCA Fischer will exhibit drawings, photos and videos that visualize data in sublime ways through digital lenses. On May 12 and 14, he will be on stage with the Symphony for a pair of unique performances – turning their music into real-time video projection. He will also record all the audio from these performances, and translate the ensuing soundscape into a sculpture cut by a local CNC Milling Machine operation.

Paint can be both the image and the “stuff” of structure, moving between representation of place, and place itself, in the exhibit Tomory Dodge & Denyse Thomasos: Directions to a Dirty Place. The work of Denver-born, Los Angeles-based artist Tomory Dodge and Trinidad-born, New York-based artist Denyse Thomasos slide between these poles in highly evocative ways. While much of Dodge’s imagery is drawn from things observed during excursions into the California desert, much is left to fantasy as his maps move between geography and cosmology. Thomasos creates architecture with, and through paint – spanning multiple scales to suggest the blueprints of places half-real, half-imagined.

The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA) in Winston-Salem is an affiliate of the North Carolina Museum of Art, a division of the NC Department of Cultural Resources. SECCA is also a funded partner of The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. Additional funding is provided by the James G. Hanes Memorial Fund.

The NC Department of Cultural Resources annually serves more than 19 million people through its 27 historic sites, seven history museums, two art museums, the nation’s first state supported symphony orchestra, the State Library, the NC Arts Council and the State Archives.

The NC Department of Cultural Resources serves as a champion for North Carolina’s creative industry, which employs nearly 300,000 North Carolinians and contributes more than $41 billion to the state’s economy. To learn more visit (www.ncculture.com).

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Center at 336/725-1904 or visit (www.secca.org).

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