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April 2013

Arts Council of York County in Rock Hill, SC, is Offering New Exhibitions

The Arts Council of York County in Rock Hill, SC, is presenting several exhibits on view at the Center for the Arts including: Social Fabric, an exhibit by Detroit, MI, artist, Margi Weir, on view in the Dalton Gallery, through Apr. 28, 2013, with a reception being held on Apr. 18, beginning at 6pm; the Main Street Children’s Museum Coloring Contest, on display in the Perimeter Gallery, from Apr. 11-16, 2013; and the Come See Me Festival’s 50th Anniversary Poster Exhibition, on view in the Edmund Lewandowski Classroom Gallery, through Apr. 15, 2013.

Patrons are presented with two different, but related bodies of work as they enter the Dalton Gallery, both involving Margi Weir’s engagement with the world around her. In each body of work, Weir begins with “snap lines.” By creating a record of the violent impact of paint against the canvas, the suggestion of an explosion, a reverberation with an overspray that lends a softness to the line quality, her snap lines leave behind something beautiful on the surface, with an underlying violence, a dark side.

Delving into the body of work that has been stitched together with a repetition of images, evoking the feeling of traditional storytelling tapestries often seen in pre-Renaissance and non-western textiles, ceramics, and architectural decoration, the viewers are drawn into a slowly unfurling narrative inviting discussion about ecology and sociopolitical realities of the contemporary world around us. Meaning is implied by the juxtaposition of images that have not been stated in a narrative fashion. Conclusions are left to the viewer in the hopes that a continued questioning will be inspired by the work of art.

Complementing the tapestries, Frontline:Detroit consists of large ink and wash drawings on rag paper, depicting the remains of buildings found across the country. These buildings, once signifiers of culture, now stand as a shell of their former glory in the decaying city. On large sheets of white paper, they float, disembodied. It is the snap lines, the bones, that speak to the decline of the American Dream in this series.

Weir earned her MFA in painting from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA); her MA in painting from New Mexico State University. She also holds a BFA in painting from San Francisco Art Institute and a BA in art history from Wheaton College in Massachusetts. She has had solo exhibitions at Ivan Karp’s OK Harris Gallery in New York, and the Ruth Bachofner Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. Weir has completed installation pieces at Athens Institute of Contemporary Art (ATHICA), Lexington Art League (KY) and the Las Cruces Museum of Art (Las Cruces, NM).

O’Darby’s Fine Wine and Spirits and Signs Now Rock Hill are sponsors of Social Fabric, an exhibit by Margi Weir.

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Council at 803/328-2787 or visit (www.yorkcountyarts.org).

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