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April 2014

Columbia College in Columbia, SC, Features Annual BA Art Exhibition

Columbia College in Columbia, SC, will present Awake & Unafraid, its annual BA art exhibition, featuring works by seven senior art majors, on view in the Goodall Gallery, located in the Spears Center for the Arts, from Apr. 4 through May 3, 2014. A reception will be held on Apr. 12, from 3-5pm and an Artist’s Talk will be given on Apr. 16, beginning at 12:30pm.

Students included in the exhibit are: Kaity Hallman, Jessica Hunt, Meg Padgett, Ashley Puckett, Kim Spade, Krystin White, and Clare Williamson.

Profound change within oneself through memories, relationships, journeys, and personal milestones is the inspiration reflective of this year’s annual BA exhibition. The student-artists share eye-opening experiences within each of their own lives that mark the beginnings of a brave new chapter or story. Throughout their suite of works, students hope to fuel an inquisitive spark within the viewer as well, aiming to make others aware of a journey that each person travels and to inspire individuals to take courageous action that can evoke an “unafraid awareness.”

In her photography, Kaity Hallman depicts the repercussions of the Monsanto Corporation and how the company damages people and the environment through genetically modified food. Through the research and creative process, Hallman was also empowered to take control of her own personal health and well-being. In a second body of work, Hallman uses graphic design to portray self-discovery by letting go of insecurities, and incorporates her original poetry to chronicle a journey through the end of an important relationship.

Jessica Hunt’s photography takes the viewer through her journey of life-changing events that encompass self-discovery through depression, extreme workloads, and seemingly impossible circumstances.

Meg Padgett uses photography that depicts a haunting environment invoking questions about how the past can shape one’s identity, while also contemplating her own. Through a second body of work, Padgett uses drawing to take an introspective look at overcoming life struggles through her relationship with God.

Ashley Puckett uses the image of home in printmaking and ceramic works to explore her deep, personal relationships with family and friends that define a sense of place from Puckett’s familial experiences.

Kim Spade explores the importance of good and indifference to navigate the dynamics of human relationships through watercolor and graphite drawings.

Krystin White’s mixed-media portraits delve into the interchanging roles between monsters and humans to explore the juxtaposition between the human and the monster that express bold, dynamic emotion.

Clare Williamson’s pop art style drawings are composed of graphic lines and shapes using graphite and primary Prismacolors to express the lively emotion and energy that are characteristic of soccer, a sport in which she is a passionate participate.

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listing, call Jackie Adams at 803/786-3899 or visit (www.columbiasc.edu/goodallgallery).

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