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April 2014

The Spartanburg County Public Libraries in Spartanburg, SC, Features Annual College Invitational Exhibit & Work by Jane Allen Nodine

The Spartanburg County Public Libraries in Spartanburg, SC, will present two exhibits including: 2nd Annual Collegiate Invitational Art Exhibition, that will be on display in the at&t Exhibition Lobby from Apr. 1 - May 23, 2014, with a reception on Apr. 12, from 7-9pm and Thermal Imprint, featuring an exhibit of encaustic wax on panel and paper, by Jane Allen Nodine, on view in the Upper Level Gallery, from Apr. 1 - May 23, 2014.

Stop by the Headquarters Library, in downtown Spartanburg, to view student artwork on display during The Spartanburg County Public Libraries’ 2nd Annual Collegiate Invitational Art Exhibition. The schools participating are: Anderson University, Bob Jones University, Converse College, Greenville Technical College, Lander University, USC Upstate and Wofford College.

Participating students are: Joy Hart, Hailey Hodge, Ashleigh Payne, Naomi Nakazato, Ryan O’Shields, Anna Henson, Daniel Didok, Rachel Clark, Mia Salley, Jeffrey Blair, Mary Cooke, and Samantha Bailey.

Jane Allen Nodine offered the following statement, “Memory, as related to record, trace elements, or the vestige of some past activity, are central to my work and result in various forms that may be objective or non-objective. Attention to surface with detailed foundation layers places an emphasis on the appearance of work as I strive to attract the viewer in for closer observation. I describe my approach to making art as a process of excavation and construction. Visual and conceptual clues reveal ideas and images that emerge in both anticipated and unexpected ways but destination is never the same twice. There is no map, no definitive ending or preconceived plan of travel, only a sense that something waits to be revealed.”

Nodine offered the following about Thermal Response, “After many years of using acrylic based mediums I became dissatisfied with the synthetic and plastic barrier quality of the material. Seeking a more satisfying solution I came to wax for its malleability and aesthetic qualities. I was drawn to the cerebral and physiological breadth of beeswax that has a rich history of application, symbolism, mystique and direct ties to the natural world. Years of working as a jewelry–metalsmith gave me a keen sense of heat as a tool, and the molten wax is satisfying as a medium that readily moves from a liquid state to a firm and durable material that can be cut, carved or polished.”

“My current work takes a magnified look at surfaces and patterns that develop in nature, particularly in thick liquids,” adds Nodine. “Viscid, having an adhesive and sticky quality, is central to many of the pooling patterns cast in molten hot wax and cooled into rigid layers. Colors reflect elements of the natural world and the transformation of aging.”

Jane Allen Nodine is Assistant Chair of Fine Arts and Communication Studies at the University of South Carolina Upstate where she is a Professor and director of the Curtis R. Harley Gallery. Recognized with numerous awards, Nodine received an NEA/SECCA Southeastern Seven IV Fellowship from the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, and two SC Arts Commission Artist Fellowships.

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call Miranda Mims Sawyer, Art Director, Art in the Library at 864/285-9091.

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