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April 2014

Society of Bluffton Artists in Bluffton, SC, Features Works by Mark McCoy

The Society of Bluffton Artists in Bluffton, SC, will present Beyond the Zoo, featuring works by Mark McCoy, on view in the SOBA Gallery, from Apr. 7 through May 3, 2014. A reception will be held on Apr. 13, from 3-5pm.

McCoy’s first solo show in the Low Country, is just that – beyond even the most exotic animals you will see at the zoo. This exhibit features wildlife from all over the world capturing nature from an artist’s eye in a variety of mediums. You will experience this wildlife in their natural habitat as McCoy only paints what he has seen in the wild. As he puts it, “I need to see how the animal behaves in its natural environment. Only then can I hope to capture it with conviction.”

McCoy, a self-taught artist, is not limited to any one subject or medium and demonstrates great flexibility and technical versatility. He works in oil, watercolor and pencil. He also carves realistic songbirds and birds of prey in wood. McCoy subscribes to the belief that it’s not the medium, but the result that matters.

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Society at 843/757-6586 or visit (www.sobagallery.com).

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