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April 2014

Upstairs Artspace in Tryon, NC, Features Artists of Bold Life Magazine and Richard Russell

Two spring shows fill the Upstairs Artspace, in Tryon, NC, through May 3, 2014. 18 Ways to See: Selected Bold Life Artists and Fig Milk and Sweet Vermouth: Collages by Richard Russell urge viewers to examine their lives - the challenges, beauty, humor and dreams.

18 Ways... was curated by Rimas Zailskas and Mary DiOrio, publishers and editors of Bold Life magazine, a respected monthly that covers Western North Carolina’s cultural scene. In business 11 years, Bold Life does an in-depth feature on a visual artist in every issue. From this large pool of exceptional talent, Zailskas and DiOrio chose 18 artists noted for being unconventional, often provocative. Says Zailskas of their art, “Definitely not milquetoast.”

The artists are Rowan Farrell, Philip DeAngelo, Heidi Hayes, Taiyo La Paix, William Thomas Thompson, Gabriel Shaffer, Werner Haker, Virginia Derryberry, Carol Bomer, painting; Maureen Robinson, Robert Asman, Renato Rotolo, Anthony Bellemare, photography; Bobbi Polizzi, Brigid Burns, Robert Seven, mixed media; James Flames, illustration; and Karin Eberle, puppet making. Most of the artists reside in WNC; each has several pieces in the exhibit.

Richard Russell is a well-known Atlanta, GA, artist showing at the Upstairs for the first time. The solo exhibit Fig Milk... is a representation of Russell’s exquisitely wrought collages, which are both sumptuous and minimal. Though suffused with sexual innuendo, the work manages to remain playfully open, blooming with meaning that just as quickly retreats.

A panel discussion about the art in 18 Ways... will be offered on Tuesday, Apr. 8, beginning at 7pm. Curators Zailskas and DiOrio will be joined by several exhibiting artists for a lively exchange of ideas and opinions. The program is free.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the gallery at 828/859-2828 or visit (www.upstairsartspace.org).

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