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April 2014

USC Sumter in Sumter, SC, Features Works by Ann Hubbard

USC Sumter in Sumter, SC, is presenting From the Cycle Series, featuring works by Ann Hubbard, on view in the University Gallery, located inside the Anderson Library @ USC Sumter, through May 30, 2014. A reception and artist’s talk will be offered on Apr. 4, from 5:30-7pm, as part of USC Sumter’s Spring Artist Lecture Series, sponsored by the Arts & Letters Department.

Ann Hubbard received a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1973 and a MFA from Arizona State University in 1979. Much of her career had been involved with arts education programs; serving as an artist-in-residence for the Arizona Commission for the Arts and the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, and as the art education curator for the Louisiana Arts and Science Museum.

Since 1997, Hubbard has been an adjunct professor in the Department of Art at University of South Carolina in Columbia. Additional college teaching experience includes University of South Carolina at Sumter and Fort Jackson, Auburn University at Auburn and Montgomery, Southern Union Community College, Louisiana State University, and Arizona State University.

Hubbard’s work is included in the public and corporate collections of MUSC, Orangeburg Technical College, Federal Reserve Bank, Lamar Dodd Art Center, Chattahoochee Valley Art Museum, CLECO, IBM, Valley National Bank, Charlotte Observer, Centro de Arte Moderno in Guadalajara and various art & educational institutions in Arizona.

Hubbard offered the following statement, “As an abstract painter, I have an ongoing fascination with the interplay of the visual elements and design principles. My images can be interpreted as symbols of natural elements, abstractly translated through shape, line, texture, color and pattern; and composed to accentuate the order and rhythm found in nature. Circular and spiral forms coincide with life’s natural order for process and transformation. Nature’s continual physical stages, those expected as well as those that are accidental, often echo the creative process, inspire my imagery and influence my methods for work.”

“I have always been intrigued by surface textures in life and art,” adds Hubbard. “Whether created by man or nature, the physical properties of surface are constantly in a state of change. As time or force alters it, abstraction becomes a part of its history. I approach paint application with a similar constructive/subtractive process. In applying multiple layers of paint and manipulating the surface, I strive for a strong physical presence.”

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, contact Cara-lin Getty by calling 803/938-3727 or e-mail to (cgetty@uscsumter.edu).

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