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May Issue 2006

Gallery 5 in Rock Hill, SC, Offers Works by Linda McCane, Wanda Steppe and Harriet Goode

Gallery 5 in Rock Hill, SC, is featuring new work by Linda McCane, Wanda Steppe and Harriet Goode in an exhibition called, Interior/Exterior, on view through June 16, 2006. These paintings show particularly well in this residential gallery where patrons may see how artwork looks when it is displayed in a dwelling with a mix of contemporary and antique furniture. This eclectic gallery is on the top floor of a renovated bank building and is the home and studio of Rock Hill artist, Harriet Goode.

Before she ever picked up a paintbrush, Asheville, NC, artist, Linda McCane, said she had a practice of really looking at things, examining them, giving them hard scrutiny. Her Threshold series has been developing for the past two years as a result of being in and looking at cathedrals and basilica in Europe. "I found in all of these sacred spaces, the common idea of passages, thresholds and simple supports," she said. The artist became intrigued at how one can feel comforted, safe and enclosed in these shadowy places of columns and cold stone. Painting her way into and through these spaces, she found a satisfying metaphor for the ways in which she was making her way through life's experiences. McCane describes herself as curious, full of wonder and never quite sure of what she might find through the next door.

Wanda Steppe's paintings are a continuation of her metaphoric, autobiographical landscapes. "If my earlier paintings, the triptychs, were about the physical and mental changes that time brings," she explained, "then these floating trees are more about freedom of the spirit, the knowledge that I'm free to choose to be unencumbered." All of Steppe's work is about time whooshing past and the knowledge that time and circumstance change things physically, mentally, and spiritually. Her paintings describe her willingness to search for meaning in images she finds compelling. She added, "The act of concentrating on an object long enough to paint it from life, forces me to contemplate its significance and attach meaning to it beyond the physical." Steppe is a Rock Hill artist.

Harriet Goode

Harriet Goode said in her new body of work, the picture plane has become a stage and the women in the paintings are like characters in a play or short story. She said her paintings represent elaborate and defining moments in the narrative, but she doesn't reveal her interpretation in any other way than the title of the painting and the position of the figures. "My paintings may be interpreted in many different ways", Goode said, "and are sometimes autobiographical." She added that the figures might also represent some person in a dream who is an arcane version of herself or someone she knows. Titles for the paintings are often inspired by lines in short stories that she adapts to fit her work. "My intention is to inspire the viewer to create his/her own story."

These Gallery 5 artists have won national awards, had exhibitions in galleries, museums and universities and their work is in private and corporate collections nationwide and abroad. In addition, they've had work published in books and national magazines.

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