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May Issue 2006

Gallery 80808 in Columbia, SC, Features Works by Alicia Leeke

Gallery 80808 in Columbia, SC, will feature the exhibit Genesis, a collection of selected paintings, sketches, monotypes and batiks by Columbia artist Alicia Leeke on view from May 11 - 17, 2006.

Leeke started her artistic studies at Columbia College. During her sophomore year, she vacationed in Paris and visited the Louve, where she fell in love with Impressionism and the work of noted artists: Lautrec, Degas, Renoir and later, Utrillo.

Her work is inspired the most by French Impressionist painters and how they captured history, social conscience and architecture by painting the people and environment around them.

Leeke's pieces are in private collections from New York to California and her work has been juried into several shows including Atalaya. She was recently recognized as an Emerging Artist finalist in Charlotte, NC, by Red Sky Gallery and was the Summerville, SC, Flowertown Festival Run Art Contest Winner in April 2005 and recipient of a Purchase Patron Award at the South Carolina State Fair in 2004.

When asked about her style, Leeke says "When I look back to my student work, my first series was a group of abstract paintings in the vein of Mondrian. While I still paint abstracts, the majority of my work revolves around vignettes and quaint street scenes. Stylistically, the foundation of all of my paintings is the use of intense black lines found most often in Fauvism."

This holds true with her sketches, monotypes and batiks too. "Experimenting with diverse media allows me to enjoy some of the same designs away from canvas. I like to experiment with silk and specialty papers and observe the interaction of paints and inks on different surfaces," says Leeke.

Leeke's upcoming show, Genesis, exemplifies the nature of her work. She notes "This show is primarily about vibrant color and detail, incorporating gentle distortions of linear perspective."

Contact Leeke at 803/429-5456 or e-mail at (leekeka@hotmail.com) for the hours for this show.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 803/252-6134 or at (www.gallery80808vistastudios.com).


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