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May Issue 2010

Arts Council of Beaufort County in Beaufort, SC, Features Emerging Artists

Arts Council of Beaufort County located in the Beaufort Town Center in Beaufort, SC, is presenting the Second Annual, Do You See What I See?, exhibit featuring works by twenty emerging artists, on view at ARTworks through May 29, 2010.

A year after the first Do You See What I See?, twenty emerging artists return to demonstrate how they've progressed, what they've learned, and how they're taking a step away from "emerging" towards "established" and even "renowned."

In this annual series, an emerging artist is not defined by age, but by intentions. These emerging artists are shedding their shells and sharing their art - some subtly, some boldly - with audiences and collectors; they work against doubt and nay-sayers to speak their minds in painting, pen and ink, poetry, watercolor, collage, pastel, photography, mixed media, and sculpture.

The show includes Leroy Brown, John Bradley, Christopher Smalls, Whitney Wierzbicki, Shanette Booker, Andrea Lambros, Dorothy Cohen, Thomas Anderson, Stephanie Lee, and more. 

"I believe art should ignite your imagination and stir your soul," said curator Hank D. Herring, who is as dimensional and varied as his found-object art: he is a resident artist at ARTworks, a teaching artist in the Lowcountry Arts Integration Project, a working artist exhibiting in shows all over the region, and a mentor to many emerging artists. "This show is a winning situation. These artists work hard to create their voices and speak directly to the people who want to hear them, the people who find this great gallery at ARTworks, and who want to take in new art into their homes."

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Council at 843/379-2787 or visit (www.beaufortcountyarts.com). 

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