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May 2011

Citadel Square Baptist Church in Charleston, SC, Presents Exhibit by Artist on Fire Group

Citadel Square Baptist Church in Charleston, SC, will present the exhibit, Infusion: The Laws of Force & Motion, a multi-media exhibit that explores the cycles of life, forces of change, and what results from active, purposeful interaction with our world, on view from May 26 through June 12, 2011, during the Piccolo Spoleto Festival. Artist on Fire will present works by fourteen artists and eight musicians, who unravel the different aspects of this theme through photography, film, installation art, sculpture, music, poetry, and painting. Receptions will be held on May 26, from 5-8pm; May 27, from 5-9pm; and June 12, from 4-6pm.

Sir Isaac Newton states it best in his first law of motion: Every object persists in its state of rest, or uniform motion, unless it is compelled to change that state, by an external force. In every situation in which there is chaos, pain, suffering, disorder, or the monotonous and mundane, a force is required to bring about change. Though we may endure pain for many years, everything can change in an instant with the right force applied.

“I love the diversity that results from so many artists from such different backgrounds coming together to create on the same theme,” says Artist on Fire co-founder Alex Radin. “We are excited to offer a show that provides a rich interactive experience, to be able to create art from a place of passion and inspiration, offering opportunities for the art collector and appreciator alike.”

Featured artists include painters Alex Radin of Hanahan, Amelia (Mimi) Whaley of Mount Pleasant, Laura Bostrom of Charleston, and Melanie Spinks of Charleston; photographers Mahmood Fazal of Mount Pleasant, Kimberly (Kimmie) Krauk of Charleston, Mikayla Mackaness of Charleston; writers Wes Tuten of Charleston, Emily Richardson of Mt. Pleasant, and Christian Boutan of Seattle, WA; sculptors and installation artists J.R. and Holly Kramer of Remark Studio in North Charleston and Bethany Jaenicke of Mt. Pleasant; and film producer Karen DeLoach of Summerville.

The visual artists will be accompanied by several musicians performing live during our opening, encore artist reception, and finale, as well as other various times throughout the 17 days of the festival. Musicians include singer/songwriter band “Volcanoes in the Kitchen” and solo artists Mannie Schumpert on the hammered dulcimer, Jer DeLoach on Native American wooden flutes, Tim Evans on guitar, and Emily Richardson on hand drums and percussion.

“We are looking forward to our second consecutive year participating in Piccolo,” states Artist on Fire co-founder Sara Radin. “It is such a joy to have the opportunity for local artists’ voices to be heard not only in our city but around the world with the international scope of the festival.”

Artist on Fire is an organization founded by Alex and Sara Radin with a mission of seeing and providing more opportunities for artists to fully express themselves in order to be a voice of positivity and change through the creative arts. “Our goal,” says Alex, “is to inspire people to dream, to see the beauty that is around them and to be a voice of hope, truth and life in this world.”

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