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May 2011

Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville, NC, Features Works by Stacey Lane, Michael Kline, and Many Others

Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville, NC, will present several exhibits including, Rubies and Vines: Lane and Kline, featuring works in jewelry and ceramics by husband and wife team, Stacey Lane and Michael Kline, and Containment II: The Inside Story, featuring ceramic boxes from more than thirty-five of the finest potters and sculptors in the country. The exhibitions open on May 7 and remain on view through June 25, 2011.

Rubies and Vines: Lane and Kline is an exhibit that will feature beautiful animal theme jewelry by studio jeweler Stacey Lane and stoneware pottery by Michael Kline with its organic and botanical themes. In much of her jewelry, Lane uses the remarkable lost-wax casting process. It enables her to transform soft, pliable wax into intricate metal objects. She leaves marks on her pieces that emphasize that they are made by hands. Each cast piece is unique.

The local stoneware Kline uses features botanical themes as well as traditional glass “runs” and alkaline ash glaze. His kiln is designed to fire exclusively with remainder/waste wood from local lumber mills. The kiln also is large enough to fire his large-scale pottery as well his tableware. It is fired six times a year. Combined, these two Penland, NC, artists will compose a dazzling exhibit of unique art and craft pieces.

The idea of an exhibition of boxes is not a new one by any means. It is, however, an important one for the ceramic art collector. It is an opportunity to participate in a collecting tradition that has very deep roots. Ceramic art boxes have been collected and coveted throughout the centuries. From ancient Egypt to modern times the lure of a lidded vessel seems to reach across cultural and geographical boundaries. Their almost seductive nature invites us to question what is concealed, everyday objects, or someone’s most cherished memories.

For Containment II: The Inside Story we have invited more than 35 select artists from across the country to interpret the box form. Each artist will bring to the project his or her own distinct method of surface design and construction. We invite you to consider the possibilities of this timeless art form and what will be contained within.

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