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May 2011

NC Wesleyan College in Rocky Mount, NC, Offers Works by Victoria Hunter

NC Wesleyan College in Rocky Mount, NC, is presenting handbuilt terracotta sculpture by Victoria Salas Hunter, on view in the Four Sisters Gallery in the Thomas Pearsall Visitors Center on campus, through May 7, 2011.

Hunter’s sculpture is a dialogue between the pliable and brittle properties of clay that reveals the personas of her statues and busts.

Hunter’s statues have a feminine presence that simultaneously expresses both a knowing power and vulnerability. Her standing figures have statuesque dignity that the artist achieves with proportion and gesture. Respecting her material, she leaves the terra cotta in its natural color and explores its surface texture, so the viewer can appreciate the artist’s physical contact with the clay and her creative touch.

In a meaningful and metaphorical way Hunter says her statues and busts are like pottery: “As shards of clay possess a story and are part of a vessel, each piece is precious and has great significance. It is those same shards each of us posses that make us unique individuals…whether painfully sharp or soothingly smooth, making us unique vessels.”

Hunter earned her BA from Pembroke State University. She now teaches Art at Rocky Mount Academy in Rocky Mount and continues to teach at the Rocky Mount Art Center. Hunter exhibits her sculpture in North Carolina and participated in the 2007 First Fifty [Years] Rocky Mount Art Center Retrospective, the 2002 Annual Through Women’s Eyes by Women’s Hands Exhibit, and won the 1990 Purchase Prize at the 33rd Annual Juried Art Exhibition in Rocky Mount.

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