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May 2013

Art Ecologie Movement Presents the ecoFAB Trash Couture Show at Crown Plaza Hotel in Charlotte, NC - May 4

The Art Ecologie Movement presents the ecoFAB Trash Couture Show at Crown Plaza Hotel in Charlotte, NC, on May 4, 2013, from 7-10pm.

“ecoFAB Trash Couture” - Not just catchy words …sustainability is the goal in our outlook, operation and products. This is a show to benefit the community in promoting awareness of our environment and our often harmful consumer habits.

Art Ecologie presents the ecoFAB Trash Couture Show, a complete sensory experience provided though the collective effort of the visual and the performing arts…A Show to be seen!

The Art Ecologie movement begins its journey with this wearable art show. Upcycled, repurposed and found materials are used by local artists and designers to create elaborate detailed couture designs. The emphasis of the exhibit is to create an awareness of the environment and the by-products of our consumer habits.

Each piece of wearable art derives from recycled materials which have been collected throughout the year such as: paper, metal, plastic or repurposed and reused items like: fabric, film, brushes, bottle caps, canvas or sustainable materials such as: silk, wood, clay and burlap.

By showcasing how everyday objects are repurposed into valuable art pieces, not only are we promoting the concept of recycling but we are making people notice how much trash some of our consumer habits produce. It is our hope that we spark some individual rethinking about how to consume and start repurposing.

Pieces will be worn on the runway by models made up to exquisitely showcase trash couture pieces.

The event will be held at The Crown Plaza Hotel, located at 201 South McDowell Street in Charlotte. Buy tickets at (http://www.artecologiegroup.com/ecofab-tickets/).

For more information on the Art Ecologie Movement and on this couture event please visit our website at (http://www.artecologiegroup.com/) or e-mail to Marcee Musgrove at (whitelotusarts@comporium.net).

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