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May 2013

Atrium Art Gallery in Charleston, SC, Offers Works by Joseph Bradley

The Atrium Art Gallery in Charleston, SC, will present Works In Silver and Gold Leaf, featuring works by Joseph Bradley, on view from May 3 through July 1, 2013. A reception will be held on May 3, from 5-8pm.

Bradley is from Greenville, SC, and works with layers of oil, glazes, washes and metal-leaf (gold and silver). His show at Atrium Gallery will center around two of his favorite themes now: Koi Fish and Lowcountry Landscapes.

“I’ve always enjoyed watching Koi ever since I was a kid. As I began the process of painting them years ago, I struggled to create a painting where they didn’t feel cliché. As my technique began incorporating metal-leaf, I found a background for the Koi that brought them to a classical, iconic level. I employ the same ideas with the Lowcountry Landscapes. Having grown up in SC, I remember walking the marshes and catching crabs with my brother. These scenes seem to be my most effortless and organic.”

Bradley has recently shown in New York, Atlanta, Houston, Kansas City, and will be showing in Chicago, and Denver later this year.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 843/973-3300 or visit (www.atriumartgallery.com).


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