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May 2013

Theatre Art Galleries in High Point, NC, Offers New Exhibits

Theatre Art Galleries in High Point, NC, will present several new exhibits including: Soul Searching, featuring works by Kim Varnadoe and Terri Dowell-Dennis, on view in the Main Gallery; Three Brushes, featuring works in watercolor by Alexis Lavine, JoAnn Pippin, and Nell Kline, on view in Gallery B; Arc Art, featuring work from the Creative Studio of the Arc of High Point, on view in the Hallway Gallery; and Sharing the Passion: Artists That Teach, featuring works by 14 of our local Guilford County Schools Art Teachers, on view in the Kaleidoscope Youth Gallery. All four exhibits will be on view from May 16 through July 11, 2013. A reception will be held on May 23, from 5:30-7:30pm.

Kim Varnadoe is an Associate Professor of Art and Chair of the Art Department at Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC. She works with Polaroid instant films and implements alternative techniques such as image transfer and emulsion lifts in combination with other alternative photographic processes. She states, “My interest in Polaroid instant film techniques in combination with experimental emulsion processes serve a distinctive role in the study and practice of photography as a fine art form. In the very near future, instant film processes, such as image transfers and emulsion lifts, may not even be possible.”

Terri Dowell-Dennis’ work references Southern and Appalachian craft traditions, traditional women’s roles, and various aspects of religious texts and belief systems. Her work is not necessarily media specific. She prefers to develop techniques to fulfill the requirements of each project which often include installation, drawings, and prints. Recent projects include The Genesis Project as well as 100 Prints for Hunger which was developed with USA Projects to raise funds for Second Harvest Food Bank/Feeding America. She is currently the Associate Curator of Education for the Weatherspoon Art Museum at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC.

Alexis Lavine, JoAnn Pippn, and Nell Kline are all watercolor artists whose work will be featured in Gallery B. Alexis Lavine is very passionate about painting “en plein air” and immensely enjoys painting outdoors on location. She has also discovered a new fascination with the clothed human figure and has worked as a medical illustrator. She says, “Making art is an essential and defining part of who I am and how I live.”

JoAnn Pippin’s inspiration comes from experiences traveling by boat along the NC Intracoastal Waterway and national parks, woodlands, and gardens of North Carolina and New England. She has faithfully followed the advice of a fellow artist friend by always painting what she loves and is challenged by mastering the medium of watercolor. She is quoted as saying, “I paint because it stimulates my mind. The focus and discipline it requires moves me to an inner world which is a more tranquil place and, at the same time allows me to reach back out of that world with a unique personal message.”

Nell Kline serves on the board of the High Country Watermedia Society. With a BA from Louisiana Tech University and a Masters in Education, she is known for her realistic depictions of nature. Watercolor is her first choice of media. A member of the Louisiana Watercolor Society, she is represented in New Orleans by the Piranesi Gallery. “I love the challenge and spontaneity of watercolor. Watching the water mix and mingle with the pigments as I apply them is sheer magic.”

The Hallway Gallery will show work from the creative studio of The Arc of High Point whose mission is to show that all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have strengths and abilities.

The Kaleidoscope Gallery will feature the work of 14 Guilford County Art Teachers. Participating teachers are Christopher H. Allred, Mary Beth Boone, Steven M. Cozart, Josh Hendry, Katherine E. Hudson, Juandalynn J. Jones-Hunt, Tara Kecki, Carol Langohr, Angela T. Morris, Ann Parks, Julie R. Rachlin, L. Jessica Raeford, Jeremy D. Thomas, and Lisa Woods.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call TAG at 336/887-2137 or visit (www.tagart.org).

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