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May 2013

Arts Council of York County in Rock Hill, SC, Offers Work by Matthew Allred

The Arts Council of York County in Rock Hill, SC, will present The Arc of Time, featuring photographs by Matthew Allred, on view in the Dalton Gallery at the Center for the Arts, from May 3 through June 16, 2013. A reception will be held on May 16, starting at 6pm.

The exhibition is an examination of the extended length of the photographic moment as well as the aesthetic possibilities of primitive cameras and chemical processes. Allred’s original goal was to build a camera that would look beyond the instant and immediate present, accumulating time slowly, like a meditation on its own purpose. His hand-crafted, pinhole cameras have been designed to continuously capture the landscape until even the sun distorted to trace an arc of time across the sky, shifting focus from a focused single moment to an exposure lasting great lengths of time.

Allred’s process produces images that begin to reveal the ancient connection and adoration man once held for the sky and seasons, at the intersection of the wild and the urban environments. From the perspective of the pinhole, the sun appears to arc across the sky and is reminiscent of the ancient geocentric model of the heavens. From this, one is able to begin to glean what a massive paradigm shift the heliocentric model was and why it once seemed to defy common sense for so many.

Allred holds his BFA in photography from Boise State University, and his MFA in photography from the University of Utah. He is currently the Artistic Director of “A” Gallery in Salt Lake City, UT, and is a professor in the Department of Art at the University of Utah. Allred’s work has been exhibited across the United States in university galleries and private galleries.

The presenting sponsor of this exhibition is O’Darby’s Fine Wine and Spirits.

The 5th Congressional District Art Exhibition will be on display through May 10 in the Perimeter and Edmund Lewandowski Classroom Galleries at the Center for the Arts.

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Arts Council at 803-328-2787 or visit (www.yorkcountyarts.org).

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