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June Issue 2002

ElderArt Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Offers Exhibit of Landscapes

ElderArt Gallery, located in Charlotte, NC's SouthEnd, will present an exhibition entitled, Landscapes East to West: As the Crow Flies, which will be on view from June 7 through July 20, 2002.

If a crow were to fly through ElderArt Gallery it would recognize many of the beautiful regions of the United States that have been painted on canvas by well-know artists. Landscapes East to West: As the Crow Flies will showcase paintings by nine American artists from the east coast to the west coast. The crow would also recognize a number of family members who are beautifully illustrated engaging in their daily activities.

"Our exhibition has been assembled to show the diverse nature and beauty of the American landscape as interpreted by a variety of artists", said Larry Elder, owner of ElderArt Gallery. "The artists have used a variety of media, painting styles and locations across the nation to capture the beauty of our great country."

Featured in the show will be works by Doug Atwill of Santa Fe, NM; Jocelyn Audette from Calistoga, CA; Patrick Glover, New York City; Jill Jones, Spartanburg, SC; Paul Ladnier, Jacksonville, FL; Eula La Croix, Hendersonville, NC; Jon Nelson, Bluffton, SC; Diane Voyentzie, Brookfield, CT; and Dennis Ziemienski of Glen Ellen, CA.

"The concept for this show came as a result of a conversation with artist Diane Voyentzie in which she mentioned a series of paintings of crows she had created. Her vast knowledge of the bird, along with my life-long fascination with crows, inspired us to create an exhibition that would include her landscapes of Connecticut and Florida along with the crows," said Elder.

"My paintings of crows are an outgrowth of my interest in the beauty of the bird. The sleek, shiny black feathers, the proud strutting, the cautious watching, and the ubiquitous 'caw caw' that we all hear led me to begin feeding the birds and drawing them in various poses while they were near. I also came upon a beautiful poem, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird that further inspired the paintings. The crow to me is a symbol of character, strength and beauty. My hope is that after looking at my paintings the viewer will view crows in a different way," said Voyentzie.

The show will include watercolors by Paul Ladnier. Ladnier has a passion for the Florida Keys and has spent many summers on his boat painting fleeting watercolors and studying the ever-changing weather conditions typical for the keys.

Jocelyn Audette will be one of two California-based artists featured in the exhibition. Of her work Audette says "I often paint en plein air, or outside on location, tapping into an energy that does not exist in the studio. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the wind and weather, and the changing light all combine to invoke excitement, emotion and passion. An intimate connection with the place develops and is forever imprinted upon my memory. Years later, a painting evokes the same sights, sounds, smells and emotions I felt on the day it was painted, much like an old song takes one back to a period or moment in time."

Patrick Glover has provided a different view of the New York landscape than one normally imagines. His oils on canvas depict the beauty that can be found in the highway system that cuts through the New York countryside to bring different sections of the state into the excitement of New York City. He mixes the natural elements of weather and terrain to surround the man-made highways and automobiles that are subjects in his work.

The southeast section of the country will be represented by Jon Nelson and Eula La Croix. "Jon has become one of ElderArt's most popular artists with his Lowcountry Carolina landscapes. He puts so much of himself into his work and has an amazing ability to capture the unique beauty of the costal Carolina area," said Elder.

La Croix will present landscapes from the western area of North Carolina. Her pastel paintings emphasize the natural drama that nature creates with light and shadows.

Doug Atwill is well known for his "gardenscape" paintings done in his unique style. His lush, colorful paintings reflect the garden areas around his studio in Santa Fe.

Even though Jill Jones lives in South Carolina the work she provides for the show comes from her series, Leaving Taos. Her pastel and charcoal landscapes represent the stark nature of the New Mexico terrain. "To me, the work is both spiritual and figurative, the austere shapes of the juniper bushes serving as surrogates for the human form", says Jones. "In this context, the pieces become studies in relationship: what it means to be part of a group; what it means to stand alone; how each of us fits into our individual 'landscapes'."

Dennis Ziemienski, a native of San Francisco, is an internationally known painter, illustrator and designer. His strong and richly colored images borrow inspiration from early 20th century paintings and posters. His paintings at ElderArt Gallery were completed during a recent painting trip to the desert in California and around his studio in Glen Ellen.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 704/370-6337, or at (www.elderart.com).

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