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June Issue 2002

Summit One Gallery in Highlands, NC, Features Photographic Works by Laszlo

The Summit One Gallery in Highlands, NC, will be exhibiting the unique works by internationally renowned photographic artist Laszlo, entitled Appalachian Mountains, Waterfalls, and Flowers. This exhibit opens on June 14 for a press and media review and later in the day for a designers preview. The exhibit will run through June 16, 2002, with Laszlo scheduled to appear on all three days. Laszlo has taken photographic art and framing to new heights with the latest in printing technologies, framing, film and camera equipment.

Laszlo is hoping to accomplish a certification of archival lifetime in excess of 450 years in almost any environment. He uses special U.V. encapsulated inks, 100% rag resin coated papers (waterproof), special equalized acid free mounting boards and a unique approach to blocking out 99% of all the damaging ultra violet rays, along with safety factors that have been achieved by using security films manufactured by Madico Films. These films have been used on the windows of the Met, the Louve, the Smithsonian and the Hermitage in Russia to protect the artwork within. But not until today has anyone used it directly on the glass of an art object - not until Laszlo.

Laszlo's first concern was safety. Not wishing to use Plexiglas, yet concerned about the safety of using a 4' x 5' piece of glass to cover his artwork drove him to seek out a way to make it safer. He started investigating security films and decided to use Madico's CL200 film. Laszlo discovered an additional bonus in that the film had a 99% U.V. Protection rating. Laszlo and Renvale Corporation (distributors for the Madico film) got together to do some documented scientific tests. The tests were to determine the break point of a piece of glass when backed by the security film.

The test results were phenomenal! An 8 oz. solid plastic ball was dropped 84" before the glass would break. The sound of the ball bouncing off the glass and echoing through the test facilities was unbelievable. In addition, although the glass broke, it was held in place by the film and did not harm the artwork. All the tests were digitally video recorded and audio tapes were also running at the same time. To Laszlo's mind this was more than adequate, not only for safety, but for the preservation of his artwork.

Laszlo's passion for photography began during elementary school in Detroit, MI. Soon after receiving his first camera - a Kodak Brownie - Laszlo became the official photographer for his Cub Scout Pack. Little did anyone guess this would be the beginning of a long and distinguished photographic career.

After honing his skills in the time-honored manner - photographing weddings, babies, etc., Laszlo moved on to promotion and concert work. By his mid-twenties, Laszlo's work had been published in Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone and the LA Times and he had completed assignments for Bamboo Productions, Acoin Management, ABC Records, London Records (London England), Island Records (Jamaica), Arista Records (Europe) and International Radio and Record World.

After his success in a very competitive arena, Laszlo embarked on a life-changing adventure - he took to sea with his grandfather for three years on a 36 foot catch. During this time, Laszlo focused on the activity that has become his photographic trademark: capturing the wonder and beauty of nature from a fresh and unique perspective. During these voyages, he created an impressive portfolio of stock photographs as well as an award winning portrait of his grandfather.

Laszlo established a thriving import/export business during his time at sea and eventually settled back on dry land to operate this business full-time. His company was the first vendor in Disney's 25 year history to have a "vendor built display" accepted by Disney's display department. This display was created by Laszlo. While meeting the financial demands of growing a business, Laszlo continued to use his photographic skills for the promotion of his business and also did commercial and industrial photography.

By the early 90's Laszlo was in a position to devote himself to photography full-time. He moved to Key West to combine his passions for photography, the sea, and community service into a integrated whole. While in Key West, Laszlo met another artist with similar passions - the well known muralist Wyland. Their collaboration represented a major turning point and influence in Laszlo's artistic career. Together, Laszlo and Wyland developed a postcard that helped fund an effort to preserve Florida's reefs and waters. Laszlo's photos of Wyland's work are featured in one of Wyland's most popular books: Wyland's Whaling Walls. Laszlo also worked with Islands Magazine (an exclusive international travel magazine) while still living in Key West.

Laszlo moved to Sarasota, FL, where he won an award for an image he took in a Key West yacht basin entitled Water Colors. He has produced photographic images for books, magazines, and web sites. Laszlo was also the Artistic Director/Set Designer for the Dr. Andrew Weil production held at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center in Sarasota, and Artistic Director for a promotional music video for musician David Hubbell, as well as directing six other productions.

Laszlo also helped to found "Aquarian Quest" a non-profit organization that takes school children out to sea on the "Daniel Webster Clements" a 70 foot, all wood replica of an 1894 Gulf Coast schooner (Tall Ship). On board the children are taught about our relationship to the environment. They conduct water quality tests, oxygen to water ratio tests, they are introduced to the concept of the food chain and how what we put in the water all comes back to us, along with many more such tests. Bob Killian, performing artist and one of the Clearwater Festival founders in New Jersey, is also one of the founders of the Aquarian Quest and performs sailing songs on board with the children.

In 2001, Laszlo traveled the mountains of North and South Carolina. His most recent work captures the special serenity and beauty of the Appalachian mountains, waterfalls and flowers. One of the greatest influence with Laszlo's 48" x 56" color images is Ansel Adams, and has been likened to Georgia O'keeffe with the close-ups of his flower images.

For future info check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 828-526-2673, or e-mail at (summitonegallery@aol.com). For further information about Laszlo, call 941/906-7888, e-mail at (Laz@LaszloART.com) or on the web at (www.LaszloArt.com).

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