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June Issue 2002

Summit One Gallery in Highlands, NC, Features Exhibition by 3 Women Artists

Summit One Gallery, in Highlands, NC, will present the exhibition, Epic Spirit, from June 22 through July 24, 2002. The exhibition features three artists with three common threads; all three are women, all three paint very large (upwards to 60" x 78"), and all three have spirits as large as their canvases. That's where the similarities end.

Betty Foy Botts is an abstract artist who loves color and texture expressed in bold brush strokes, often like a surprise pentimento. She describes her works using the analogy: "my paintings are like an onion waiting to be peeled, layer by layer until the eye can see the underlying image." Betty experiments with different types of paints and stains while drawing into her canvases purposefully to create desired images, gestures or movements. One can often find images of deer and other wildlife moving throughout her work. Botts feels strongly that divine inspiration leads her to transpose her faith onto canvas, reflecting her spirituality.

Mase Lucas paints portraits of horses and women. The horses are the subjects of her large paintings. The correctness of the anatomy often astounds the viewer, but the captured mood and soul of the animal always touches the sentiment of the viewer. For Mase her paintings generally address two artistic interests: one is the sense of restrained energy that seems to be an integral part of stillness and repose; the other is the unrevealed narrative suggested by enigmatic, and often unlikely, relationships. For her, Lucas says, "The trick is to explore and relay these smudgy observations without unwittingly releasing the energy or trivializing the relationship".

Libby Mathews

Libby Mathews' paintings are distinctive in their manipulation of light and color. Her clear bold use of color and energetic brush strokes reflect her innate creativity, significant training and dedication to her art. The movement, rhythm and energy that Mathews choreographs into her compositions are a natural outpouring from her years of modern dance with Mary Staton. With Staton, Mathews learned the intangible lessons of being and moving at soul level. These teachings have continued beyond the dance into the present moment: her landscapes.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings or call the gallery at 828/526-2673.

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