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June Issue 2009

Gallery C in Raleigh, NC, Features Exhibit of Haitian Art

Gallery C in Raleigh, NC, will present, Haitian Art Exhibition 2009, in conjunction with Hearts with Haiti, on display in the main gallery from June 5 through July 15, 2009.
Art continues to flourish in the small island nation of Haiti, despite recent years of social and political upheaval on this troubled Caribbean island. Artists continue to paint as if, by their combined efforts, they can create a safer and more stable homeland for their people. Styles vary and subjects speak to a rich artistic heritage that has been nourished by outsiders since the 1950s. Today's young artists join the ranks of the two generations that preceded them, taking the lessons they have been taught and giving us newer and bolder art that speaks of their unique talent and innovation.

This special exhibition at Gallery C will feature over 90 works from three generations of Haitian painters. The paintings reveal a passionate love for simple island life. Artists young and old have created moving images of markets and villages, fishermen and farmers, with the overall colors and rhythms of the country. Alongside these are fantasy artists, whose surreal, symbolic works reflect deeply held spiritual beliefs and an underlying desire for escape from the rough island realities. 

Partnering with Gallery C in this exhibition is Hearts with Haiti, a non-profit organization which supports the mission of St. Joseph's Home for Boys in Haiti through nurture, advocacy, fundraising, administrative, and leadership activities. The proceeds from Paysage Pittoresque by Jean Adrien Seide will go entirely toward St. Joseph's, where the funds will benefit both the educational and personal aspects of the lives of the young boys who attend. You can learn more about Hearts with Haiti by visiting their website (www.heartswithhaiti.org).

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 919/828-3165 or visit (www.galleryc.net).

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