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June Issue 2009

Hodges Taylor Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Features Figurative Works by Bob Trotman

Hodges Taylor Gallery in Charlotte, NC, will present the exhibit, Here's Looking at You: Figurative Art by Bob Trotman, on view from June 16 through Aug. 15, 2009. Concurrent with his show at the Mint Museum of Art, on view through Nov. 14, 2009, we will spotlight his working drawings in addition to his sculptures.

With a background in philosophy and literature and, through many years as a furniture maker, a relationship with wood, Trotman brings a unique perspective to the world of contemporary figurative sculpture. "I see my efforts in relation to the vernacular traditions of the carved religious figures, ships' figureheads, and the so-called 'show figures' of the nineteenth century," says Trotman.
Trotman's contemporary show figures present a "narrative of corporate human relations - subjects confronted with dilemmas they can neither escape nor understand. Ultimately my story is about rigidity, I think, whether corporate or otherwise, and wood, the very stuff of 'woodenness', serves me well to tell the tale."

For further info check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 704/334-3799 or visit (www.hodgestaylor.com).

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