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June Issue 2009

Queen's Gallery & Art Center in Charlotte, NC, Features Group Exhibit

Katherine Blackwell, Cher Cosper, David Thayer French, Joshua Gage, Paul Keysar, Andrew Leventis, Osiris Rain, and P. S. Thibodeaux will display their work June 1 - 30, 2009, in an exhibit titled, Realism Found: Charlotte Artists Find New Meaning in an Old Tradition, at the Queen's Gallery & Art Center in Charlotte, NC.

These eight artists, though bonded together through their love of representational art, each find different ways to express their creative talents within the genre. Katherine Blackwell has found her artistic voice in her "Melty People", a concentration spawned from years of youthful sketches contorting and manipulating the human body.

Cher Cosper's work includes post-impressionist style paintings with bold colors and nude drawings. David Thayer French's focus has been on the changing facades of his home town, Charlotte, NC, and the artist enclave of NoDa.

Joshua Gage's mastery of trump l'oeil gives life and beauty to otherwise discarded objects. Paul Keysar is recognized for his classic, representational oil paintings and is known for the use of light, atmosphere, and weather in his landscapes. Andrew Leventis uses a precise painting style to draw attention to the classification of things and investigate the problems that arise from containing heterogeneous objects within a single framework.

Osiris Rain's current work reflects on the tide of emotions, their pull on the heart, and their effect on memory; from large allegories to smaller composed objects. P. S. Thibodeaux's ongoing series of allegorical paintings, "Reminders", are dreamscapes containing symbolic messages about life's lessons.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 704/372-2993 or visit (www.thequeensgallery.com).

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