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June Issue 2010

The Gallery at Carillon in Charlotte, NC, Features Works by Members of Piedmont Craftsmen

Ann Harwell -------------------------------------- Cherry Cratty

The Hodges Taylor Gallery in Charlotte has organized the exhibit, Reinterpretation: Piedmont Craftsmen's Contemporary View Of Traditional Craft, featuring works by members of Piedmont Craftmen, Inc. in Winston-Salem, NC, on view at The Gallery at Carillon in Charlotte, NC, through July 31, 2010.

Kathleen Doyle & Tom Reardon ------ Carla & Greg Filippelli

Since 1963, Winston-Salem, has been home to Piedmont Craftsmen, Inc., a guild founded by craft artists and collectors to honor the work of the hand. Piedmont Craftsmen represents nearly four hundred of the southeast's most talented artisans. The participating artists are: Cherry Cratty (paper pulp); Carla and Greg Filippelli (basketry); Ann Harwell (quilting); Sharron Parker (felt); Kathleen Doyle and Tom Reardon (metal); and John Ransmeier (clay).

John Ransmeier --------------------------- Sharron Parker

The artists selected for this show are all remarkable for their ability to push the boundaries of traditional craft in ways that stretch the definition of "contemporary."  They combine unique, distinctive visions with time-honored methods, and manipulate familiar materials in unfamiliar ways. In viewing their work, one will see quilting, metalsmithing, felting, paper, clay and basketry in a whole new light.

The exhibition is sponsored by Hines Charlotte Carillon LP.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call Christie Taylor at 704/334-3799 or e-mail to (ctaylor@hodgestaylor.com).

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