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June Issue 2010

Gallery 80 in Charleston, SC, Features Works by Andrew John Dyck

Gallery 80 is pleased to be presenting the exhibit, Introducing Andrew John Dyck, as the first in a series of emerging artists that curator Brenda Cook plans to showcase in her new gallery at 80 Columbus St., located halfway between the Piggly Wiggly and Trident Technical College. The exhibit will be on view through June 12, 2010. 

For his first show Dyck has brought more than 30 new works based on geometry, color, and perspective. Interjected between the dominant themes of the series are pieces that explore other aspects of sensuality, narrative, and the ethereal visceral spaces between a chaotic rally of Mandelas and fragmented landscapes. Punctuating the entire show is a large scale charcoal mural with weatherized gesso on polygonal wood panels in a large stairwell leading up to the show.

After graduating College of Charleston's School of the Arts in 2007, Dyck devoted most of his time to his experimental/punk/jazz band, The Huspa Concept. After two years of booking shows locally and around the mid-Atlantic US, designing and printing t-shirts and cover art for three self-recorded albums, and staying up way past his bedtime, he put the band on hiatus and redirected his energies back to art making.

"A culmination of recent personal events in my life has made the existence of these new works inevitable. The space to work in, the materials (all found on construction sites or trash piles), and the isolation from the usual urban noise all came to me at the same time, so I just started working," says Dyck.

The style is still ever changing as Dyck continues to find his voice in mixed media, but his devotion to geometric and figurative imagery continues the dichotomous themes of human viscera and abstract logic. Although the work is far from generic, there is broad appeal in his paintings, both to the eye candy junky and to the conceptual art critic.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 843/727-7028 or e-mail to (gallery80@att.net).

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