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June Issue 2010

NC Pottery Center in Seagrove, NC, Features Pottery of Buncombe County

The North Carolina Pottery Center in Seagrove, NC, is presenting The Pottery of Buncombe County, A Historical and Contemporary Overview, featuring two separate, but related exhibitions, on view through July 31, 2010.

Steven Forbes
Kyle Carpenter

The Contemporary Pottery Overview of Buncombe County, curated by Brian McCarthy of Asheville, NC, a longtime major supporter of the NC Pottery Center, is featured in Galleries I and II. Contemporary wares by thirty-nine potters from the Buncombe County, Asheville area include works by: Troy Amastar, Maria Andrate-Troya, Kristen Benyo-Schoonover, Eileen Black, Charlie Brown, Kyle Carpenter, Chiwa Clark, Josh Copus, Julie Covington, Lee Davis, Holly deSaillan, Steven Forbes-deSoule, Paul Frehe, Diana Gillispie, Hank Goodman, Michael Hoffman, Jennifer Hoolihan, Freeman Jones, Matthew Jones, Maggie Jones, Gabriel Kline, Eric Knoche, Tyrone Larson, Julie Larson, Cynthia Lee, Rodney Leftwich, Leah Leitson, Rob Mangum, Beth Moring, Karen Newgard, Les Powell, John Ransmeier, Emily Reason, Cassie Ryalls, Akira Satake, Joey Sheehan, Heather Tinnero, Kathy Triplett, and Fran Welch.

The works by these contemporary artists are available for sale during the exhibition.

The Historical Pottery Overview of Buncombe County, curated by Steve Lott of the Buncombe County area, is showcased in Gallery III. This exhibit features historical Buncombe County forms from early masters like Oscar Bachelder, Davis Brown, Javan Brown, Thomas Case, David Donkel, George Donkel, Albert Fulbright, Jeter Lankford, Cash Penland, William Marion Penland, Joseph Sylvester Penland, Lee Smith Pottery, Walter B. Stephen, Edward Stone, John Henry Stone, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Throckmorton, and Benjamin Trull.

These exhibitions are being sponsored by Harriett Herring.

Exhibitions at the North Carolina Pottery Center are also made possible through the generosity of our membership, the North Carolina Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Mary and Elliott Wood Foundation and the Goodnight Educational Foundation.

The Center is located in Seagrove, in the heart of the state. Its mission is to interpret the history and on-going tradition of North Carolina pottery making. Beginning with American Indian pottery and followed by the work of European settlers, production has continued uninterrupted for centuries. Interpretive exhibits and programs are featured, and the Center provides information to visitors about the nearly 100 potteries located in the Seagrove area.

For further info check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Center at 336/873-8430 or visit (www.ncpotterycenter.org).

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