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June 2011

Green Rice Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Features Works by Catherine Eble

Green Rice Gallery in Charlotte, NC, will present the exhibit, Blurring the Lines, featuring photographs by Catherine Eble, on view from June 3 - 26, 2011. A reception will be held on June 3, from 7-9pm.

NoDa resident and photographer Catherine Eble will make her debut showing at the Green Rice Gallery. The collection of photographs exhibits the elaborate and arduous transition of a female performer from her natural, effeminate state into her bold, masculine character. Viewers peek behind the curtain and watch step by step as the women go through not only a physical transformation, but emotional and psychological changes as well.

In her collection, Eble explores the idea of crossing over genders, and asks of observers, “How does one define male or female?” The collection challenges onlookers to question if gender is restricted to the body, or if it is also a frame of mind. The subject of “drag kings” and female entertainment has not been explored or experienced in mainstream society the same way male drag has, until now. Eble reveals the provocative beauty of lesbian entertainment in her stunning and soul-searching collection, Blurring the Lines.

Eble is a Charlotte native and an up and coming artist in the Noda community. She found inspiration for the collection when she was asked to photograph a drag king show in uptown Charlotte. When she entered back stage, she discovered the curious beauty of the female performers as they shed their feminine skin and came into their rugged, male alter egos.

Witness the metamorphoses and you may find a change in yourself.

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