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June 2011

Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, SC, Offers Works by Joshua Flint

Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, SC, will present the exhibit, Invisible Cities, featuring works by Joshua Flint, on view from June 3 - 25, 2011. A reception will be held on June 3, from 5-8pm.

In the past year Flint’s recognition as a painter in the South has grown, most notably with his black & white portrait of Charleston’s famous Rainbow Row, which appeared on the cover of American Art Collector last July. Inspired by a recent move to North Carolina, Flint’s latest series of paintings portray people and places through the artists’ unique and often stylistic approach.

When it comes to painting, Flint believes in the power of a new perspective – in these most recent works he uses figures and landscapes from his immediate surroundings as primary images and then incorporates elements from his imagination, all the while deconstructing the edges of the image as he applies the paint. The end result is a combination of fragmented images and ideas that are focused on the ingenuity and energy of the cities we live in.

In describing this body of work, Flint states, “My pursuits are driven by my curiosities about the world around me; about our nature, about our character, about our ambitions, both individually and collectively.” Flint’s series is composed of twenty works. The paintings are an amalgamation of these unseen ideas with images from the artists’ visual world.

There is a strong sense of narrative to the way the exhibition has been curated, in describing it Flint states, “The paintings definitely have a sense of disappearing moments. They include scenes where a statue fades into the building behind it or people shuffling home from work disappear into the sky above them.”

Flint describes the title painting for the show, Invisible Cities the 30-by-72inch piece as a representation of how we can imagine cities emotionally and not necessarily how they actually exist. The city becomes an amalgamation of our internal and exterior lives.

Every day in the studio Flint reminds himself of something Ezra Pound wrote, “The image is more than an idea. It’s a vortex or a cluster of ideas endowed with energy” which the artist believes is an uplifting way to think about how what we see makes impressions on our emotional experience.

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