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June 2011

SCOOP Studios in Charleston, SC, Offers Exhibit Focused on Antarctica

SCOOP Studios Contemporary Art Gallery in Charleston, SC, turns two in June with Antarctic: Revisited, the first group show featuring original works of art by each of the artists of SCOOP studios, on view from June 3 - 25, 2011. A reception will be held on June 3, from 5-8pm.

Come south with us, way south, below South America to the Antarctic as the artists of SCOOP studios each portray their own vision of the uninhabited continent of Antarctica. Gallery co-owner, Saramel Evans journeyed by plane to the most southern point of South America then took a boat through the most dangerous area of water known as Drake Passage. She descended on several islands before landing on the barren continent last January with her mother and brother. Why? “Icebergs. As opposed to the Arctic, where they are melting more rapidly, in Antarctica they are larger and melting slower. It’s quieter, the icebergs are not dripping. Plus the grandeur of ice fascinated us,” remarks Evans.

Artists were encouraged to use any and every aspect of Evans’ journey to inspire their work of art, from the colors, landscapes, birds especially penguins, to the abstract and emotional responses as well. Evans had the opportunity to observe the seals, birds and penguins without encroaching in their space, which was not easy.

“We wanted to have a group show featuring our talented artists that would allow people to go somewhere new. Saramel is the first person I know that has ever been to Antarctica and we wanted to share that experience with everyone,” explains gallery co-owner, Colleen Deihl.

Participating artists include Ryan Cronin, William Goodman, Chad Haselden, Kenton James, Bill Mead, John Morse, Christopher Murphy, Karen Ann Myers, Dorothy Netherland, Steven Nicoll, Karin Olah, Joel Parker, Austin Schulz, Lisa Shimko, John Stango, Cyle Suesz, Ben Timpson, Anne Trabue Watson and Stewart Young.

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