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June 2013

The Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville (SC) Features Works by Thomas Rickis

The Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville in Greenville, SC, will present an exhibit of works by guest artist Thomas Rickis, on view from June 1 - 30, 2013. A reception will be held on June 7, from 6-9pm.

Rickis’ paintings are like the artist himself - straightforward, uncomplicated and in touch with the basic idea that art should be easy to enjoy. Patrons envision a peaceful, homelike, intimate realism in his work.

Rickis honed his craft on the side, while earning his livings as a businessman. He is retired from the financial services industry and has been a professional artist for the past 10 years. He has been painting since 1972. Rickis is currently on the board of trustee for the Artists’ Guild of Spartanburg serving as Vice President and is incoming president as of July 2013.

Rickis presents two aspects in his two-dimensional art work: impressionistic still-lives and landscapes and theme-based non-objective/abstracts. Often working with a limited color palette in watercolor, he strips down his landscapes to carefully construct compositions that explore the perception of depth of field. This effort is sometimes enhanced by the use of hand-cut paper layered on the canvas, creating true depth. With only a few select and graphically defined elements, his barns isolated on nebulous fields break down reality to its simplest level. Rickis’ non-objective and abstract works share his slant toward straight lines and blocky shapes on open spaces.

The Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville present an eclectic mix of works by its members including: Dottie Blair, Laura Buxo, Gerda Bowman, Pat Cato, Dale Cochran, Robert Decker, Kathy DuBose, Pat Grills, Mel Hammonds, Edith McBee Hardaway, Chris Hartwick, Kevin Henderson, Megan Heuse, Randi Johns, Diarmuid Kelly, John Pendarvis, David Waldrop, Erin Webb and Kathleen Wiley, as well as works by consignors: John Auger, Matthew Brophy, Kathryn W. Copley and Jennifer Henderson.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 864/239-3882 or visit (www.artistsguildgalleryofgreenville.com).


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