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June 2013

Black Mountain (NC) Center for the Arts Presents Annual Art in Bloom Exhibition

The 2013 Annual Art in Bloom, now in its 7th year, will take place June 13-15, 2013, at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts, located in the beautifully renovated original City Hall on W. State Street in Black Mountain, NC. For those who love art or for those who love flowers, this is a spectacular combination of the two that will please the senses.

The premise of Art in Bloom, held annually in art museums and galleries throughout the country, is that floral designers interpret a piece of art work with a complementary floral design. The combination of them is a three-day display of both art and flowers that cannot be duplicated anywhere else due to the individuality of the artwork exhibited and the interpretation by the floral designer particular to each piece.

On June 14-15 admission to the exhibit only is $5, which is also included in the price of all ticketed events. The theme this year is “Friends and Flowers.” From June 17-21, on the Main Floor, an exhibit of plein air paintings produced during the Art in Bloom Cottage Garden Tour will be on display from 10am – 5pm daily.

The exhibit for Art in Bloom, brought on site and on loan from sixteen area galleries, is currently open to the public and will be available to view at no charge through June 12, 2013. The galleries represented this year are: Ariel Gallery, The Bender Gallery, Black Mountain Center for the Arts Upper Gallery, Black Mountain College Museum & Arts Center, Blue Spiral 1, Gingko Tree Gallery, The Haen Gallery, Heartflame Ironworks, Miya Gallery, MountainMade Gallery, New Morning Gallery, Nice Threads Gallery/Studio, Rebecca N. King Fine Arts, The Red House Gallery, Seven Sisters Gallery, and Sourwood Gallery.

BMCA Executive Director Gale Jackson, with assistance from Ikebana designer Suzanne Dillingham and watercolor artist Joyce Black-Woerz, curated the exhibit.

Two-dimensional artists including painters and photographers represented in the exhibit are: Ati Gropius Johansen, Robert Tynes, Dana Brown, Joye Arden Durham, Ron Morecraft, Michael McWeeny, Jenny Buckner, Bridgette Martin-Pyles, Rebecca King, and Patricia Michael.

Three-dimensional artists in clay, metals, glass, mixed media, fiber and more are: Debora Muhl, Tom & Nancy Giusti, Akiko Sugiyama, Steven Forbes-deSoule, Gretchen Weller Howard, Aletha Rector, William Zweifel, Nat Cole, Sharron Parker, Nalana Weaver, Tekla, and Thomas Scoon.

The Center is very grateful to the galleries and artists for allowing this one-of-a-kind exhibit to be on display for almost six weeks.

Terri Ellis Todd, former president of the local Ikebana International chapter says about Art in Bloom: “Art in Bloom allows us as floral designers to express another artistic dimension inspired by local artists. I truly appreciate this opportunity to connect floral artists and friends of the arts to the larger artistic community in the western North Carolina area through the Black Mountain Center for the Arts. Since its inception, this event has been very special for everyone involved - it has produced new friendships and partnerships, enhanced creative energies, and has increased awareness of one of the shining lights in our community, the Black Mountain Center for the Arts. People come from all over western North Carolina to see this elegant and unique display, which provides a true collaboration of art forms - a new way to experience art! ”

Artists who participate in Art in Bloom are often surprised and thrilled at what a floral designer sees in their work to interpret. UNCA Professor of Art Robert Tynes, says, “As a participant in Art in Bloom, I am looking forward to seeing once again how talented floral designers interpret and play off of the artworks that inspire them. I think Art in Bloom actually deepens viewers’ appreciation of both the artworks and the floral arrangements.” Tynes’ painting on display is Shoe Bop, a Trompe l’oeil in acrylic and oil.

Tickets to the Gala Preview Party when the flowers are their very freshest on Thursday June 13 at 6pm include a buffet, beverage bar, dessert by Ultimate Ice Cream, and an opportunity to meet the floral designers and Honorary Chair David Holt, Grammy-award winning musician, storyteller and radio and TV host. Other events include a Cottage Garden Tour and a concert. To purchase tickets or request a brochure, call 828/669-0930.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Center at 828/669-0930 or visit (www.blackmountainarts.org).

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