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June 2013

Center for Documentary Studies in Durham Offers Works by Jack Anderson

The Center for Documentary Studies in Durham, NC, is presenting Hidden in Plain Sight: Architectural Reminders of Durham’s Vital Past, featuring photographs by Jack Anderson, on view in the Porch Gallery through Aug. 31, 2013.

Photographer MJ Sharp, a Center for Documentary Studies instructor, did an independent study with undergraduate student Jack Anderson that culminated in his exhibition of nighttime black-and-white photographs, Hidden in Plain Sight: Architectural Reminders of Durham’s Vital Past. Sharp explores the world at night in her work, as does Anderson. “We talk like two old crusty sailors about shooting at night,” says Sharp, “and I’ve been out on the sea just a little bit longer.”

Anderson says that he “began this project with the goal of documenting the process of gentrification in the city, but it has evolved into a more targeted examination of particularly significant historical sites in Durham that have declined through neglect or abandonment. These places deserve more respect than they have been given; this exhibition attempts to help us remember them. The homes, workplaces, schools, and hospitals that we have forgotten are highlighted here in order to recall both the beauty they once had and the function they once served.”

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Center at 919/660-3663 or visit (cds.aas.duke.edu).

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