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June 2013

Elder Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Offers Spin-Off Exhibit from Carolina’s Got Art!

For a third year Elder Gallery in Charlotte, NC, is hosting one of the region’s largest juried art competitions for artists living and working in North and South Carolina. This year’s competition received 2,800 entries which were viewed by Bloomberg News art critic, Lance Esplund who chose 130 pieces for the exciting exhibition. From June 7 - 29, 2013, Elder Gallery will present June Salon, featuring a variety of art created by 70 artists, which was not selected for the Carolina’s Got Art! exhibition and competition.

A total of $15,000 in cash and prizes were awarded to artists that Esplund considers “best in class” of the entries he chose. Glass sculptor Jean Cheely of Raleigh was awarded the $5,000 Best in Show award.

As in previous years gallery owner, Larry Elder continued the tradition of selecting entries to comprise a second exhibition titled June Salon. Due to the large number of entries Elder decided to add a third exhibition for the month of July. In all, a total of 275 works of art were selected for the 2013 edition of Carolina’s Got Art!

Participating artists in June Salon include: Sandra Anderson, Lucy Bailey, Vickie Bailey Ebbers, Tamie Beldue, Burritt Benson, Chad Beroth, Lynette Bettini, Anne Bevan, Denee’ Black, Barbara Blaisdell, Allison Anne Brown, Raymond Byram, Carmen Cacalano, Matthew Campbell, Cynthia Cole, David Datwyler, Frankie Denton, David Detrich, Claire Farrell Heels Over Head, Trey Finney, Kristan Five, Patz Fowle, Annette Giaco, Aaron Gibbons, Kristin Gibson, Bob Graham, Anne Gregory, Henry Gung, Johnson Hagood, Edith Hamblin, Joyce Harkins, Ann Harwell, Anita Hepburn, Jillian Herrmann, Warren Hicks, Brucie Holler, Carol Beth Icard, Jeffrey Jakub, Stephen Janton, Susan Johann, Alicia Kelemen, Elizabeth Keller, Carol Kroll, Jason Lancaster, Anne Lane, Alexis Lavine, Gabriel Lovejoy, Brenda Lyday, Janice MacDonald, Cat Manolis, Cecile L.K. Martin, Trena McNabb, Stephen Mould, Frank Myers, Stephanie Neely, Virginia Pendergrass, Edna Perkinson, Gary Pohl, Tom Potocki, Gracie Ramirez, Betty Recoulley, Elizabeth Rundorff Smith, Kristi Ryba, Liisa Salosaari Jasinski, Bill Sander, Helen Seebold, Edward Shmunes, Gregory Siler, Amelia Rose Smith, Kate Speranza, Bob Sumners, Jan Swanson Barney, Cindy Taplin, Lorraine Turi, Valerie Schnaufer, David Wasserboehr, Jim Weitzel, Wendyth Wells, James Wine, Pamela Winkler, and Evelyn Wong.

On Saturday following the opening of Carolina’s Got Art! Esplund participated in a discussion on the process he used to select the show as well as his thoughts on the contemporary art scene in America. Portions of the discussion were captured on video and can be seen at (www.CarolinasGotArt.com) as well as images of the winning entries.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 704/370-6337 or visit (www.elderart.com).

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