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June 2013

The Haen Gallery in Asheville, NC, Offers Works by Steven Seinberg, Marci Crawford Harnden, and Tim Anderson

The Haen Gallery, located in downtown Asheville, NC, will present Inward Aspects, a group exhibition of new work by Steven Seinberg, Marci Crawford Harnden, and Tim Anderson, on view from June 1 - 30, 2013. A reception will be held on June 1, from 5:30-7:30pm.

Steven Seinberg exhibits widely from coast to coast; the rivers and marshes he visits while fly-fishing inspire his abstract work, an evolution of what the mid-twentieth century Amercian Abstract Expressionist painters began. His paintings are intuitively developed, organic and subtle in their use of thin oil washes, drips, smears, and graphite markings.

Marci Crawford Harnden is an accomplished and celebrated artist from Dallas, TX, whose abstracted landscape work is greatly influenced by the natural world around her. Harnden’s ethereal paintings are inhabited with the suggestion of twisting tree limbs, delicate leaves, hazy skies, and pockets of light.

Tim Anderson is a Chicago-based artist whose work has been exhibited and collected both nationally and internationally. Anderson’s paintings are inspired by the people, things, and events that have affected him through reading, research, and coincidence. His work features large portraits, animal studies, ships, and other elements he considers influential in the history of human exploration.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 828/254-8577 or visit (www.thehaengallery.com).

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