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July 2011

FRANK in Chapel Hill, NC, Features Works With Little Color

FRANK, the Franklin Street Arts Collective in Chapel Hill, NC, will present the exhibit, BLACK & WHITE, on view from July 5 through Aug. 21, 2011. A reception will be held on July 8, from 6-9pm.

Sometimes we can best understand a thing by its absence. In this new show, FRANK artists will be contemplating the nature of color by creating artworks without it. With black, white, and all the grays in between, FRANK will be a beautiful, pure play of black, white, and grays - of shade and tint. Shade is the addition of black pigment to a color and tint is the addition of white.

What happens when artists are asked to move away from color, restricting them to the use of only black and white? Shades and tints then become darker and lighter grays. How do artists translate this into their respective media: into clay, wood, metals, pen, or paint? What does the spectrum between black and white say to artists and to viewers about the nature of color as it changes between dark and light? This show will be a visual feast, engaging viewers as well as daring FRANK and invited artists to take a step away from color, into the world of black, white and gray.

Organized by FRANK artists Sudie Rakusin, John Rosenthal, Anita Wolfenden, and Sasha Bakaric, it will include invited artists Bill Neville, Beatrice Coron, Andy Fleishman and Nadine Zenobi, as well as FRANK members and consignment artists.

The mission of the Franklin Street Arts Collective is to support the arts community of Chapel Hill and the region, expand community appreciation of the arts through educational programming, and promote the Town of Chapel Hill and North Carolina as a major arts destination.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the gallery at 919/636-4135 or visit (


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