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July 2011

Riverworks Gallery in Greenville, SC, Features Works by Yvette Dede

Riverworks Gallery in Greenville, SC, will present the exhibit, Egg Meditations, featuring works by Yvette Dede, on view from July 1 through Aug. 21, 2011. A reception will be held on July 1, from 6-9pm.

Egg Meditations is a collection of more than 30 personal, meticulous drawings of single eggs. Each drawing is a study in measured, deliberate mark making. Dede has created an individual atmosphere on and around each egg. Her use of the egg as a central image within each square of paper brings early 70’s Feminist Art, central-core imagery to mind.

Indeed the egg is a metaphor for the beginning and also the essence of life. The obsessive quality of each egg transforms the drawing into a spiritual meditation, a mantra in graphite. “I approach drawing as a contemplative and meditative process of discovery.” reports Dede. Her drawing process of discovery utilizing the egg form began 10 years ago and continues. Dede’s drawings appear embossed because her marks create images that defy the picture plane.

Besides her skillfully rendered drawings, Dede also creates sculpture, specifically nature based, site-specific sculpture usually in partnership with other artists. In 2007, she and Hiroko Inoue created A Chameleon Meadow – In Praise of Shadows in the South Carolina Botanical Gardens in Clemson, SC. Dede’s nature based work, Earth Mother is a grass mound with an egg shaped opening containing a grass female torso and this too echos central-core imagery.

Dede currently lives in Charleston, SC, and is a drawing professor at the College of Charleston. Her drawing installations were included in the South Carolina Arts Commission’s Triennial 2001 and 2004.

Riverworks Gallery is operated by and for the faculty and students from the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Greenville Technical College. The gallery is located at 300 River Street, Suite 202, along the scenic Reedy River at Art Crossing in downtown Greenville. Look for the red umbrella.

For further information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the gallery at 864/271-0679 or visit ( and click on Riverworks.


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