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July 2013

Woolworth Walk in Asheville, NC, Features Works by Julie Merrill, Jody Ochs, and Monty Phillips During July

Woolworth Walk in Asheville, NC, will present an exhibit of jewelry by Julie Merrill, Jody Ochs, and Monty Phillips, on view in the F.W. Front Gallery, from July 1 - 30, 2013. A reception will be held on July 5, from 5-7pm.

Upon returning to Asheville after years of travel Julie Merrill began studying medicinal plants and soon after jewelry, which then brought her to an interest in larger steel work, both sculptural and functional.

The Professional Crafts Program at Haywood Community College, as well as Penland School of Craft and John C. Campbell Folk School brought Merrill to a new level of professionalism and skill, and prepared her to step into greater possibilities within metalworking.

Jody Ochs’ work is hand formed and fabricated in sterling silver, with 22 karat gold bezels and accents, often using gem stones and pearls as the focal point. Often architectural in nature - she incorporates masculine and feminine forms together, sometimes adding texture presenting a delicate balance of yin and yang.

Ochs’ inspiration comes from the nature surrounding her in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, and places she has lived and traveled. This translates into sculptural, elegant and fluid, yet organic creations.

Monty Phillips’ current work is an exercise in exploring the possibilities of vitreous enamel on sterling silver and copper in regards to form, texture, color and its ability to mimic other materials such as stone, fabric and organic plant life. Most of his pieces are made by micro shell forming and anticlastic raising exploiting the plastic quality of the metals.

Using these techniques Phillips can make very unusual forms from a flat metal sheet which are organic in appearance. This is very useful in duplicating nature.

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