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August Issue 2003

ElderArt Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Offers Two Exhibits for August

ElderArt Gallery, in Charlotte, NC, presents A Celebration of Life by Tom Perkinson in his first one-man show in Charlotte and Abstractions of Our World, an exhibit of vibrant abstract paintings by four Southeastern artists:  Eunhee Laird of Atlanta,GA; Katherine Wolf Webb of Edenton, NC; Mark McDiarmid of Asheville, NC; and Wayne Trapp of Vilas, NC. Both exhibitions will be on view from Aug. 1-30, 2003.

Tom Perkinson's paintings are reminiscent of the European Impressionist painters because of the color, light, and loose brush strokes he uses. Yet his main emphasis is not the same as the Impressionist's, which was the recording of light on a subject. Perkinson's concerns are the subject matter, color, the light in the painting and the relationship between the figures in his paintings. He is an intuitive painter who paints in a direct manner, using bold washes of color.  Laying down a value range of shapes and colors, he searches for a scene that will become the painting. He paints peaceful idyllic scenes with the family as a central theme. As he paints, a narrative quality emerges on the canvas. He wishes to evoke the positive aspects of the American experience, the simple pleasures that celebrate life, an affirmation of the human experience, a holiday at the beach, friends sledding together in the winter, a picnic in the park, or a quiet moment at sunset with a friend.

Perkinson enjoys painting different seasons, changing weather, and diverse times of day. He believes that the elements affect our moods. Spring rains, snowfalls, cloudy skies, sun sparking on water, and foggy evenings all evoke a particular response. These elements are as important as the figures to the narrative quality of his paintings.

Born and raised in rural Indiana, Perkinson moved to New Mexico in 1965 and has been painting full time since then. He finds that living in New Mexicohas a powerful effect on his work because of the dynamic quality of the light there. "Technically, the element of light in the painting is a crucial part of my work. It is the underlying strength of each painting, be it reflected, highlighted, artificial, moon light, or sunlight," says Perkinson.

The artist reflects on his paintings,"I have connected with an inner creative source that I nurture and trust. It has taken many years of committed work. For me, to paint is to live!"

Abstractions of Our World is the second exhibit showing at ElderArt Gallery featuring works by Eunhee Laird, Katherine Wolf Webb, Mark McDiarmid and Wayne Trapp.

Born in Korea, Laird moved to the northeastern United States in 1987 and then to Oahu, Hawaii in 1991. Her paintings reflect her early life in Korea as well as her adult life in theUnited States. The various grays and browns within her work come from her longing gaze as a child into the treeless hillsides of Korea. Her lush greens and deep rich blues are reminiscent of the majesty that inhabits the mountains, waterfalls and valleys of Hawaii. It is this mix of tradition, both from her native Korean and adopted Hawaiian cultures, and striving to live in today's modern society that gives Laird's work vibrancy and life.

Katherine Wolf Webb will be returning to her hometown to show her most recent work from her studio in Edenton, NC.  Webb's latest paintings are composed of strong, vibrant colors with "non-verbal communications" etched into the paint.

Mark McDiarmid's paintings are based upon one image that runs constant in each of his paintings. He uses oils, charcoal and oil pastels to layer his abstractions which are laid on paper.

Wayne Trapp's paintings are truly a reflection of the world in which he lives. His colorful paintings exude the same energy, passion and strength as his sculptures which are featured in his recent book The Journey of a Sculptor

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