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August Issue 2003

Jubilee: Festival of Heritage in Columbia, SC, Promotes Diversity and Cultural Awareness

Celebrate the remarkable life of Celia Mann and her descendents as Historic Columbia explores the traditional arts and culture of African Americans in South Carolina with the 25th anniversary of Jubilee: Festival of Heritage, Thursday, Aug. 28-30, 2003, in Columbia, SC.

In its 25th year Jubilee continues to gain a reputation as one of the best festivals in the Southeast. "We are proud that Jubilee has gained such a strong regional reputation and has become a mainstay in Columbia's cultural community," notes Charles Ashe, vice president of Historic Columbia's board of trustees and chair of the Jubilee Committee. "Our goal is to continue to provide a quality experience that is both educational and entertaining."

This year's festival features musical performers, artists, storytellers, and reenactors at the Mann-Simons Cottage throughout the day on Saturday. The event is free and open to the public. Children can enjoy the interactive performances as well as hands-on art activities. The Mann-Simons Cottage will be open for guided tours and the trolley tour of Columbia's African-American sites "Homeplaces, Workplaces and Resting Places" will run throughout the afternoon. Vendors of specialty food and traditional merchandise will also be on hand.

Jubilee opens Aug. 28, with preview Gala performances by Bess Daniels and Skipp Pearson and Jazzology. In addition, Historic Columbia will host the Big Apple Dance Workshop, led by legendary swing dancer, Frankie Manning.

For more information check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, contact Robin Waites at the Historic Columbia Foundation at 803/252-7742, ext. 24 or email to (Rwaites@HistoricColumbia.org).

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