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August Issue 2004

The Arts Center in Brevard, NC, Features Works by David McCaig

The Transylvania County Arts Council in Brevard, NC, is offering the exhibition, 2004 Invitational Show Color in Motion, featuring impressionistic landscapes and abstract figurative work by oil painter David McCaig of Asheville, NC. The exhibit opens on August 12 and continues through Sept. 11, 2004.

McCaig was born in Florida and has lived all across the US. Every two or three years he moves to new surroundings and finds inspiration in the different landscapes. "It's the excitement of meeting new people; seeing new places. I look for communities that appreciate art," said McCaig.

While living in more than a dozen states brings the opportunity to capture a wide range of scenery, one feature is consistently represented in McCaig's work - trees. Stands of tall, thin-boled, birch-like trees often wash across his work. Sometimes he stops and takes a moment to look at trees while hiking in the woods or while taking breaks from a long drive. McCaig absorbs and remembers the feeling of trees, not their specific traits. "No matter what I want to paint, it often comes out trees. It feels comfortable," says McCaig.

McCaig occasionally creates work featuring abstract figures, such as a "horse with almost nostrils and almost eyes," but his landscapes remain free from such distractions as he strives for people to connect easily with the feelings, the ideas, of trees or flowers. "I do my best to hide the fact that it's a geranium or a tulip. I deal with essence more than anything else."

Each year, TC Arts' Invitational Show highlights a notable regional artist or group of artists.

For more information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Center at 828/ 884-2787 or at (www.tcarts.org).

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