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August Issue 2006

Green Rice Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Features Works by Elizabeth Sproul Ross and Holly Peterson

Green Rice Gallery, located in the NODA district of Charlotte, NC, is presenting the exhibit, Earth Visions, featuring works by Elizabeth Sproul Ross and Holly Peterson, on view through Aug. 26, 2006.

Elizabeth Sproul Ross

It's that time of year when everyone's out taking pictures of loved ones on the beach or family reunions. For Elizabeth Ross who grew up on a farm in Virginia, she has always had her camera out and ready whether it's right before sunrise or just as the evening light touches its last rose petal. She is there to capture the true feel of nature. Ross once commented on herself as a hunter, "I am on constant search for the special effect: the phenomena of the rainbow straddling the hillside, the sparkle of frost, and the upside-down landscape reflected in a single raindrop. I am a hunter."

Come experience the natural world through Ross's paintings and photography and transport yourself to the moment when the "first light shines on a dew-laden spider web" or "the evening slant of light touches just one rose petal or illumines the pig's ear so that they, too, look like rose petals."

Also featured in the exhibit will be works by Holly Peterson. Her extensive travel throughout Europe, Africa, and the United States has given her a rich and varied portfolio of both color and black and white images.

Peterson's love for nature and wildlife is beautifully depicted in her color shots from safari in Africa, trips to Hawaii, and her visit to the Riddle's Elephant Sanctuary in Arkansas in 2005. She also loves the aesthetic challenge of black and white photography.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 704/344-0300 or at (www.green-rice.com).



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