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August Issue 2006

SFL+A Architect's Gallery in Fayetteville, NC, Features Works by Leslie Pearson

SFL+A Architect's Gallery in Fayetteville, NC, will feature an exhibit of paintings by Leslie Pearson. The selected works, on view through Aug. 22, 2006, are from several different series' including Red, Yellow, Blue and Scad.

The pieces selected for this exhibition were pulled from several bodies of work yet share three basic elements that are reoccurring in Pearson's work: use of line (lines in themselves, lines forming shapes...especially squares, and lines creating balance and composition); use of color; and use of text.

With the Red, Yellow, Blue series, Pearson experiments with the interaction between color, shape and typography through an exercise in color recollection. In terms of design, the placing and spacing of the letters and words create a composition and the color seen in each piece is recognized by a visual memory or influenced identification from the viewer.

"I used letters and words as lines and forms with contours, voids and shapes. Some forms are reinforced with a dark line to push and pull the background and foreground and to further create the illusion of depth on a two-dimensional surface. We are taught to identify colors with their correlating word. I chose to work with the basic three primary colors: red, blue and yellow. We recognize colors and words and associate them with certain feelings like rage, love, hate, and purity. So, I wondered what emotions, if any, would be evoked in seeing the word paired up with another color. Hence the titles Blue/Red, Yellow/Blue, and Red/Yellow," she said.

Pearson began incorporating text in her work a few years ago. Sometimes the words bring clarity to the painting and sometimes it adds to the ambiguity of the image. Many artists have combined words and images in their art on occasion. Some artists reject the combination on the grounds that visual art should stand on its own without language. Others prefer to use words exclusively. In Pearson's case, the interplay between words and images acts as an effective vehicle for communicating ideas.

Pearson is a professional artist based in Fayetteville. A Missouri native, Pearson earned a Bachelor's degree in fine art from Southeast Missouri State University (1998) and was heavily involved in community arts programming as the Assistant Director of the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri. In 2000 she moved to England where she earned a Master's degree in Museum Studies at the University of Newcastle.

Upon returning to the States, Pearson joined the Army as a photojournalist for a military intelligence unit and freelanced as an Arts and Entertainment journalist for the Augusta Chronicle, a daily newspaper in Augusta, GA. She now works full-time from her home/studio and operates the Pearson Gallery.

Examples of Pearson's work can be viewed at (www.amoveablefeast.us).

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