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August Issue 2008

Artistic Spirit in North Charleston, SC, Features Works by Davy Marshall

Artistic Spirit Gallery, located in 10 Storehouse Row, Navy Yard at Noisette, in North Charleston, SC, will present an exhibit of carvings by Outsider Artist, Davy Marshall, on view through Aug. 31, 2008.

Marshall, from upstate New York, is nationally recognized for his finely detailed carvings on river stone. He collects the material around his house and then etches them with a pen knife. His early works consist primarily of heads. The shape and texture of the stone dictate not only facial expression but also a distinct personality.

Marshall's later work is more expansive. He is best known for his monumental pieces, ranging from outdoor funeral scenes to dance marathons. They include dozens of people, trees, bushes and animals, all carved from stone. His sense of humor shows through in works like Good Ole Boy, Gravity and Relative Gain and Loss. Other works reflect his views on politics, the environment and religion.

Artistic Spirit Gallery sells original visionary artwork by people who are driven to produce as a form of self-expression or release. It is the only gallery in the Charleston area which focuses specifically on what is known as visionary or outsider art. These artists have a compulsion to create, sometimes without knowing why frequently after life-changing experiences. Circumstance may have dealt them issues with which they continually struggle or are trying to resolve through their work. They may be telling their life story or creating a fantasy world. They often use materials that are readily available or even free, such as mud, stone, wire and found objects as they narrate their life story. Even if someone did teach them how to draw, their lifestyle or their work may put them outside the mainstream of art, hence the terms, visionary or outsider art. Their work can be open to interpretation, humorous or painful to view. It is never boring.

Artistic Spirit Gallery is open by appointment and the exhibit can be viewed online.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 843/579-0149 or visit (www.artisticspiritgallery.com).

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